The name Bigfoot in Maori Mythology refers to a hairy man-like race inhabiting our islands since ancient times. It is an Abominable snowman, ape-like animal taller than
an average man.

Proof of its existence:The legend was first noted in western society in 1921 by an English man Colonel Charles Howard Bury who gave an account of crossing the Lhakpa La in Nepal where he found footprints that he believed “were probably caused by a large ‘loping’ grey wolf, which in the soft snow formed double tracks rather like those of a bare-footed man.” Thereafter, it has been sighted few times in New Zealand from 1970-1991.Hence, the Restaurant name is inspired by the idea of the untamed snow man or The Big Foot who is yet undiscovered and could now be hiding in Glacier Country.The Bar and Restaurant interior theme is an adaptation on the ‘old English Pub’. This design acknowledges the origins of eating and drinking places in the old time west coast. This is reflected in many ways such as using original slats from an old English roof as place mats!

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